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[New Article] Is it Time to Redefine Quantitative Research?

As simplistic as it is, market research is often defined as either “qualitative” or “quantitative.” In conversational use, most researchers use and define these categories fairly similarly. But this is changing. While “qualitative” use and meaning is fairly consistent, we are seeing a notable fragmentation in what the phrase “quantitative research” means to market research practitioners and related professionals.

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Ideas for a Survey Grading Site

I saw some great interest this morning in the idea of a survey grading site. Inspired by yet another awful questionnaire design (one that had been sent to the market research community itself, ironically), I threw out the idea half-joking. I was thrilled to see responses to the idea from great tweeps like  @MDMktingSource  @conversition @MargaretRoller. Could this crazy idea have legs? One idea: Perhaps a volunteer committee of 6 experienced researchers would get together once a month or so (virtually, of course), to review and grade questionnaires?

NPS is not the De facto Metric for Telecomm Customer Satisfaction

The original article recommends NPS (Net Promoter Score)
Jan 25, 2010 , 10 Comments

Market Research Success: The Missing Ingredient

If only the success of a market research
Feb 8, 2009 , 10 Comments

Market Research Learning…via Twitter

Thanks to all who provided suggestions and ideas.
Jun 21, 2011 , 9 Comments

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