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Favorite Market Research Blogs for Research Rockstars

The beauty of blogging is that it is inexpensive: anyone with a passion and a computer can host a blog. Of course, that also means quality varies…a lot. Let us do the work of finding the best

MIT-inspired Market Research Possibilities

Do big tech changes mean big market research changes?

The MIT Technology Review recently published “Breakthrough Technologies 2015,” a fun and inspiring list, including some items with market research implications. Let’s take a quick look at that subset,

7 Top Market Research Articles of 2014

So many great market research articles, so little time.

It is hard to keep up with all of the great market research articles that get published. That’s why I am happy to share a compilation of article synopses.

Top 10 Market Research Articles in One Compendium

We have compiled our top 10 articles from our blog for your convenience. The topics range from a fun look at innovation in, “Is Your Market Research the Functional Equivalent of an iToaster,” to practical tips such

Four Favorite Market Research Glossaries

Whether you’re a beginner or a pro when it comes to market research, there will always be unfamiliar terms—especially as technology continues to evolve. Thankfully, there are many online glossaries to help you when you’re stuck. In this

Video Will Rock the Market Research World in 2015

I’ve been reading a lot of predictions for market research—the typical pontification we see at this time of the year. Some of it has been very inspiring, but too many just rehash the obvious.

Personally, I think there

110 Ways to Handle Project Overload

End of year can be a surprisingly busy time for market researchers. Some clients have “left over” budget they need to spend. Others are trying to get a head start on 2015. And then you get a

Article Synopsis: Quantitative or Qualitative Research Methods, Let’s Go Back to the Basics

data, different statistical methods and models can give different readings. Gray states, “Causation requires correlation of some kind but correlation and causation are not the same.” When looking at probabilities and categories, Gray cautions the researcher to,

12 Actionable Tips from the 2014 MRA Corporate Researcher’s Conference

The MRA’s Corporate Researcher’s Conference (CRC) was full of great sessions and first-class attendees. And I came home with a pile of business cards that are covered with scribbled down notes for follow-up. If you didn’t make

5 Ways You Know You Are an Awesome Market Researcher

Here are the five core attributes of an awesome researcher. Make sure you have these nailed, and your clients will quickly begin to appreciate your awesomeness.

1. You use multiple research methodologies. You are familiar with multiple research