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Article Synopsis: A Unique Value Proposition “Designed with You in Mind”

In their article, authors Scott Garrison and Jet Kruithof discuss the global truth that product success depends on a compelling unique value proposition (UVP). Yet, as we saw above, a UVP that succeeds in America may fail

Article Synopsis: Seasonal marketing in a social age.

Analysis of actual shopping behavior conducted from mobile devices suggests that conventional definitions of seasonal shopping behaviors are being disrupted by mobile shopping. Beyond the powerful implications for marketers in general, this also has implications for

What If?

I've come up with a few scenarios that could result if online surveys with non-customer populations became impossible tomorrow. Imagine: you can still reach your customers for research, but what about the rest of the world?

When Market Research Budgets are Cut, Leverage Your Customer Advisory Council

Q: Our market research budget has been slashed. The greatest impact is on our Customer Satisfaction tracker, which we had to reduce from once a quarter, to once a year. So we are thinking about revitalizing our