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High Heels & eLearning Lessons

As an eLearning designer at Research Rockstar, I am using my past experience as classroom trainer to make sure our materials appeal to diverse learners—including those who may be more accustomed to learning market research via in-person

Market Research Training At Your Location

Are you training a team of 5 or more people?

Then private training at your location may be the best value for your training dollar.

With groups of this size, on-site training provides four important benefits

Video Will Rock the Market Research World in 2015

I’ve been reading a lot of predictions for market research—the typical pontification we see at this time of the year. Some of it has been very inspiring, but too many just rehash the obvious.

Personally, I think there

Recipe for eLearning: A Letter from Research Rockstar’s Director of eLearning Curriculum

President, Kathryn Korostoff, was clear: it was time to raise the bar on self-paced learning for the market research industry. She gave me a mission: continue delivering the same high-quality content while improving student comprehension and retention.

Getting Your Training Requests Approved: All in the Timing

Here are three tips to keep in mind when submitting your training budget request: 1.Add context. When submitting your training request, put it in context. Rather than simply say, “I want to take a class on writing qualitative

7 Strong: Meet Our Amazing Market Research Instructors

Research Rockstar’s instructor roster is now 7 strong. Well, 8 if you count our founder, Kathryn Korostoff who also teaches. Check out the Research Rockstars who teach our market research classes:....

Summer Camp for Market Researchers

No black flies. No sunburn. No snoring from the next bunk. Just an opportunity to immerse yourself in fun, interactive learning with a group of your market research peers.

Campers get to pick up to 6 online market

Spring Training for Market Researchers

March and April market research training classes.

B2B Market Segmentation is Hard. Really Hard. And We Have A Free Video To Explain Why.

B2B Market Segmentation is hard. It is very different than segmenting consumer markets. Free video explains why.

Jeffrey Henning & Kathryn Korostoff Are Going to Camp

Research Rockstar is thrilled to announce that Jeffrey Henning, president of Researchscape, will be a “camp counselor” at this summer’s Camp Rockstar for market researchers. He joins Kathryn Korostoff...